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Q: What is the cost of a home inspection?
A: Costs can vary, depending on the size of the home and the region in which you are making your purchase. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a typical range might be between $400 and $500. We make inspections more affordable.

Q: Can I perform a home inspection myself?
A: It is not recommended to inspect your own potential house. Home inspectors are specially skilled and trained to look for things you may not have noticed. Unless you are a trained home inspector yourself, it is wise to seek out a professional for the amount of money you are investing in a home. Some states or financial lenders require a licensed inspector to complete the inspection.

Q: What is covered under this inspection?
A: Not all home inspectors cover the same things and this does not guarantee that the inspector you choose will automatically inspect for those required items. Check-It Home Inspections makes sure we cover all basis and the list of state requirements for inspections.

Q: How much experience does Check-It Home Inspection Have?
A: We are confident in our 14 years of service as we are happy to supply you with a list of references that can confirm we provide quality service.

Q: Is it possible for a home to fail an inspection?
A: The importance of an inspection is to tell you what needs to be repaired on the house. There may be some requirements that the house needs to meet in order for your financial lender to lend you the money for the home. But that does not necessarily means the house has “failed” the inspection and will not be able to be sellable.

Q: Is anyone allowed or required to attend the inspection?
A: We believe a home inspection is an essential experience for home buyers and future home owner. We allow you to attend the inspection so you can see first hand what potential problems are existent or may arise in the future. Our knowledge of what looks safe and what looks problematic will save you later in maintaining your home.

Q: What if there are problems found during the inspection?
A: It’s possible problems can arise during inspections. The seller of the house is not required to repair any problems that the inspector finds. If you are a buyer, you can negotiate for the repairs to be fixed before buying the home. If the seller is not willing to repair any damages, you can end the contract or make other arrangements. If you still want the house but are unable to get the financial lender to approve the loan until the repairs are made, you may have to come out of pocket and do the repairs yourself.